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You will monthly update your page with the best thing than we find in the network without the need that you are looking for all the day. Lodgings of maximum quality to minimum prices. 

Companies that pay by impressions 

Payments by impressions: The advertisers of payment by pay us to impression by the times that are their announcement. It is a very interesting form to secure money, since he does not require of any type of action on the part of our visitors. We advise to combine it with forms of extra visits like which we supplied in our Web to make them but effective, is even possible to be combined when coming out of your Web, with one to the entrance.

Company Payment by impression Other types of payments Darte de Alta

Without doubting it the best one of the moment. They pay almost by everything… by entrance to the page, exit, click (if, also by click), to refer webmasters (several levels).


Without a doubt the combination of CPM + Clicks (if, they pay to you by CPM and in addition they have payments by click through text announcements) do but the attractiveness with difference.


And these are of which they pay!

Up to 1 € CPM


All type of formats
(popups, banners, bellboys…)


Payments by Referred


Payments by click



  • It selects well your advertisers. Elígelos always having relation with the thematic one of your Web and you would make sure rates click/registries/higher sales, with which your income will be majors, and your Web will gain prestige. In this way you will obtain that much of the advertisers they offer better conditions to you and than your visitors they find interesting contents for them.

  • You do not force the clicks or the registries by your account. Not only you harm to the sector of the publicity and all we (incluyéndote), but expose yourself to that they close the accounts to you and to that the advertisers reject to you systematically. You do not believe that they are not going to you to pillage; we assured you that it is not difficult to discover violators apart from which the results of your campaigns will not be to them profitable to the advertisers and so they also closed them to you.

  • It uses graphical elements that adjust to the design of your page and you do not expose them as if a succession of banners it was scattered by your Web. You do not leave banner or connects “left”, acompáñalo of a note that animates to visit the advertiser and who simultaneously adjusts to the reality of the product that is offered, since if minds in not only you will lose credibility for the visitor but results in the conversion of sales or registries. It remembers, that unlike which many think, the sales and the registries give more money than the clicks in normal conditions. 

  • It avoids the Spam. you like that they bomb to you to e-mails not solicitd. The others, reason why surely your e-mails will not either be eliminated almost without ofrecerte results and you risk to that they close your accounts to you. It remembers that all the “decent” companies of have it to publicity prohibited final. We advised also you that you do not include in your Web phrases of the style like “ayúdanos puncturing in the sponsors” since as you can include/understand they do not help to your sponsors nor the sector much. What at first you it can seem profitable, in the long run if your publicists see that he is not to them profitable the publicity campaign that these realizing to them more surely are than you cancels it and then if that you will lose.





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