That it seems to you to receive the best resources for webmasters without needing being all the day sailing?

It receives our gratuitous bulletin


Totally anonymous. 

You will monthly update your page with the best thing than we find in the network without the need that you are looking for all the day.



Aruba guarantee; one of the majors European suppliers

INCREDIBLE. Limitless Dominio+Alojamiento by only 20.66 Euros to the year


Nothing else useful to increase to the visits to your Web that a correct preparation of Put. Don't mention it will serve to discharge from the hospital your page many finders to you if you do not have them correctly formed since many of them take the information directly than they find there.

Put of the pages is those that use many finders to show the results of the searches that are realized in them, reason why is very important their correct accomplishment, besides a good election of the descriptions and the key words. If you want to know the looked for words more in the seeking ones it visits our section key words.

The operation of the generator of Put of that we offer to you here is very simple. You must fill up the squares that we presented/displayed to you here with the data of your Web and only beat to generate code.

The code that will offer to you will be compatible with the majority of the existing finders and with all the more important. <Head></Head> remembers to place the code between the labels

Title of the Web
Description of the Web
Separated key words by spaces
Each whichever you would like that the robot visited your Web? (in days, and pon only numbers. By defect we have put 30 a reasonable period)
Language in which it is the page (preferably in English, since the majority of robots is the language which they use. Example: if the Web this Spanish introduces Spanish)


You want to consult something to us? It is very easy. It observes the button of here down. If it indicates STATUS: ONLINE you can realize, it at this moment, by means of chat that will be abrirá you press as soon as it. If it indicates STATUS OFFLINE, you can leave to your doubts or commentaries beating in the button, that will receive we them via email.



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