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You want to offer a forum in your Web so that your visitors can debate? He is very simple to form one for it. Simply you choose an appropriate name to darte of discharge, and you connect later it in your Web with the code that they facilitate to you. 

In particular we recommended a forum by its simplicity and simple handling to you. It includes tens of groups (you will be able to put your forum with the colors that you want, and many designs to choose with previous views), possibility of including your own logo, simple moderation, promotion in the page of its authors… The best thing of the best thing. One is It beats in the name and it follows its easy instructions 100% in Spanish:

You promote a little in your Web (it does not consume resources to you), you realize commentaries so that people “resentment” with contestarte and to hope to that people debate.

The form simplest to have a professional forum in your Web, without knowing nothing of programming, and consuming no type of resources.

Here we offer diverse places to you in which they offer the creation to you of an own forum for your page, but no longer are so good. The best one of them is the one of bravenet, but not this in Spanish:




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