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Companies that pay by other concepts 

To receive several: In this section they can get to appear multitude of companies, as to acquire by visits Webs, to realize surveys, to play… In spite of the great variety of them whom there are at the moment recommendable that we have been able to verify are few.



Recommended although they would not even pay (and they pay to us)!

INCREDIBLE. As its name indicates this is a company that pays to you to learn playing. Simply you have to be responding to questions, and the money for you obtain pagarte it while you visualize the publicity of a sponsor in the form of poster (as if you do not want to watch it).

We noticed to you that he is quite addictive (by personal experience), since what it is being valued they are our knowledge whereas we amused ourselves, and above they pay to us. The game system is the one of the Trivial well-known of the bars or 50x15 and that to all hooks to us. It appears a question and three possible answers and the only one true one.

It has a small misfortune; it is that you must have knowledge of English (we assured to you that with a basic level it is possible to be gotten to answer correctly since it gives options you in the answers), but although it seems to you lie is not essential, since also points can be obtained although you do not guess right the questions. 

The points depend on the level of difficulty and the successes:

Question failed in any level: 1 point
Right question in beginner: 3 points
Right question in intermediate: 4 points
Right question in advanced: 5 points

Within each category, there are many subjects to choose (sports, science, famous, history, music, etc.), having the possibility of choosing those subjects in which more “we are put” since we will feel prouder of us guessing right, and simultaneously will obtain dinerito but quickly.

Once chosen the level of difficulty and the subject, we happened to the questions; there are 10 questions in each lot. Once finalized the lot of 10 questions, it will show the reached score to us. They give the possibility us when finishing keeping the points and the statistics or to begin again, with different questions of course, not to dim our curriculum. Nor to say must better dim the curriculum than to lose the points, that are those that give the money us, you do not create?

Additionally to gain but points also they give the option to respond surveys you (up to 1000 extra points) or to receive advertizing post office (50 points).

The value of each point as much for the game as by the extras is of 1000 points = 1$.

It has 10 referred levels of (as you can see they are many) and they give 1 point you whenever they respond to a question/survey independent of the level that is and of they guess right which it they fail or it. But eye, only tells the gains you of the referred ones if that month you have done 500 or but points. 

We can assure to you that to secure points it is entertained, and that go away the time to you that does not give account you. Finally without bothering can be won, are more, would be funny even without paying to us. If it tests, you will give the reason us.

They pay internationally without problems (Paypal or check)



American Consumer Opinion

Company that pays to you or makes gifts you fill up surveys. they are not very long and if they are it extensive they estan very well paid.

Referred 0.25$ also pay to you by that you obtain to them

You can gain cash and gifts

  • All the registered members participate in cash in a monthly drawing by U$S250 of prizes, only due to being member.
  • If they are small surveys, you will enter a drawing of prizes in cash.
  • If you participate in a sounding (an extensive questionnaire), you will always receive some type of incentive (a product free to try, money in cash, a check or a gift). The incentives generally have a value among U$S4 and U$S25 by sounding, following the extension of the questionnaire and the time that oozes to answer it. If there is a sounding that is exceptionally long, the prize can more be of U$S25 or. The participants of center groups online generally receive more from U$S25.
  • Some of their surveys are of but the peculiar thing; we assured to you that many of them you will even like to participate in them.




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