That it seems to you to receive the best resources for webmasters without needing being all the day sailing?

It receives our gratuitous bulletin


Totally anonymous. 

You will monthly update your page with the best thing than we find in the network without the need that you are looking for all the day.





Suscríbete Free in

Hazlo already and Saves the 100% of the cost of the PVP

Companies that pay to sail 

To receive to sail: To register, to unload and to install a program that is the one that will be in charge to manage the connection with your supplier of publicity and already is. Your desire money to use it and reason why use referred your. 



Company hours own use referred payments (you, level 1, level 2, etc.)
DigitalPublic * 40 if 3 levels 50-8-3-3 (Ptas./h)
Spedia limitless no 5 levels 60 p/h-10-5-5-5-5 (% benefits)


They begin to distribute the bar of publicity soon after registrarte. They only pay to sail limiting 40 hours the monthly maximum (you do not worry, unfortunately you will not use all). In its publicity they offer 50 Pesetas/hour of navigation and has 3 referred levels of. Its bar of publicity is most spectacular of all since they use technology “flash”, allowing to interactive images and multimedia. In spite of having been very inactive, lately it shows much publicity, and so the balance raises enough. The best thing of everything, is that whereas does not show publicity (that is whereas they do not pay to us) the bar is hidden, and returns to appear when it has something to show to us (that is, when they pay to us).


It really is of the companies that better the hour is paying (0,30$/h). There are no limitations of hours to the month and you are not necessary to use it to receive of referred your, in addition that now give points to validate e-mails that command. Its inconvenient major is that they understand by navigation a constant change of the page who you are visiting, with the aggravating one that if you return to pages in which already you have been (unless you erase file) to not you she will enter like time of navigation. It is not necessary to click in banners that presents/displays to you, but to maintain the light “green” of “I am making active money” it is necessary to make navigation pure and he lasts. You will know better than nobody if she interests to you or no.

To little that naveguéis daily hours we recommended it to you because the payments are really high. The result of the payments also is very fast and effective, spent 10 days (+-) you will know as it were the previous month.

60 points at the time of active navigation can be obtained and is necessary to have present that stops outside the USA discount to 4.5$ by expenses of heel and shipment (these travel in “first class mail U.S. service”).






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