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Companies that pay to receive email 

To receive by email: Everything follows based on the same; the publicity. This is sent through electronic mail.  It will be enough with reviewing our mail and watching what they offer to us. As each company of these sends 1 daily email at the most, the total of a single is very little. Nevertheless if we subscribed to several the result can be quite interesting, mainly if we obtained referred with our Web.



Company type amount referred payments (you, level 1, level 2, etc.)
Consupermiso to read/click very high 1 level 10/5 (with/without click) - 5 Pesetas.
SwappersAndCollectors click very high 3 levels 15% - 10% - 5% click normal 1 level 1 correopunto click ? 1 level 0,05€ - 0,01€
Navemail click discharge 2 levels 0,03€ - 0,01€ - 0,01€
E-MailPaysU click low 2 levels 0,02$ - 0.01$ - 0,01$
It is easy click discharge 4 levels 0,03€ - 0,01€ - 0,01€ - 0,01€ - 0,01€

The column amount makes reference to the sent volume of email.


With its permission (RECOMMENDED)

(apúntate here)

Gratuitous Española company on watch (like all) in which cobras to read electronic mail. At the time of apuntarte the number of maximum messages can be limited that you wish to receive, but you do not worry because never you will reach the maximum number, and on the other hand, whatever you receive more, better. The size of the messages never will be superior to 50kb and so there is problem of saturation of your no account of mail. We recommended that to use all these programs of collection to read Mail, you do not use your habitual accounts, but you register in TheMail, and you use this account for all this mail, and thus you will have more control exceeds what you are receiving, without getting to bother in your daily work.

Consupermiso differentiates between post office that are only due to read (abrir) and post office in which in addition it is necessary to click (to visit). For first 10 Pesetas/Mail pay to 5 Pesetas/Mail and for the seconds. Also you have the option to receive advertizing messages to movable (5 Pesetas/message), but in spite of the time that we took register, they have still not sent password to us of activation of this possibility.

It has 1 level of referred with a payment of 5 Pesetas by mail and 3 Pesetas by message sms; in addition by asociarte putting our reference already you will gain your first 100 Pesetas.



Classic system to receive to read email, and although is in English its level of to shipments make it very recommendable. THEY SEND 1 email to YOU to the DAY of average, far beyond bases the average of the sector and only surpassed by Meccoop, reason why to make money with her and to recommend it are simple.

You do not think that it is a company of which it appears and it disappears. We took enrolled in her more than 1 year and pay regularly.

The payment is not fixed, but by points, and they give 10 points you by email. The average of the last months is of about 0.02$ the email and with a network of referred of 3 levels:

  • 15% the first level

  • 10% the second level

  • 5% the third level



(apúntate here)

It has 1 level of referred and it pays 3 correopuntos (its virtual currency) by each email received by us and 1 correopunto by each email that ours receive referred, as always is necessary to click to validate the reading. The value of each correopunto becomes to Euros when finalizing the month; They offer 0,2€ by referred and they distribute 60% of the income between the users. The payment is realized when surpassing 60€ by means of check, or for Spain, by means of banking transference. At the moment a good option if it really gets to contract more advertizing campaigns.



Another classic system to receive to read email and in Spanish, but with enviable conditions:

Smtpeia offers to you:

3 Euros only by registrarte
0.05 Euros by email
1 referred Euro by

making effective
the payment from
30 Euros by means of
nominative check or banking transference



NOTE: After 6 months existing they have not sent any email. It smells of scam.


It is easy 

(apúntate here)

Another classic system to receive to read email and in Spanish. You will gain 0,03€ whenever you receive a promotional mail of, to only read it and 0,01€ by each email that receives each of your affiliates of until 4º level, that stops east type of companies is much. In addition, you will only receive messages of your areas of interest, although always you will be able to receive from everything. They would pay 0,2€ to you by each referred that you obtain, aside from which soon you obtain reason why they receive.



The Spanish company that more email commands at present (about 10 to the month), although also has affected him the summer. They pay 0,03€ by email, and has two referred levels of, with payments of 0,01€ by email each.

The company is of I am transparent more and serious. If you need something or some information provides it to you. Here navepuntos desire that are exchanged by Euros. Periodically, they will offer supplies to you so that you can exchange your navepuntos by products of your interest. In this case there will be no a minimum to exchange. If what you prefer is to change your navepuntos by money, also to you they put it easy. They directly send a check to you to your house, or they make it to you arrive in a banking transference at your habitual account (this last option, only for residents in Spain). The minimum amount of conversion to money is of 30,000 navepuntos (30 Euros).

French company of the great prestige that finally arrives at the hispanohablantes. Publicity that really interests (at least what they have sent to me seemed good to me), with 0.03 payments of € by each received email. The shipments are normalitos and to the being a newness in our language is a great possibility of obtaining referred, since to little it even has it people.



(apúntate here)

As promotion measurement you obtain 10$! only by registrarte, it dates haste before the promotion finishes…. With respect to the operation it is just as the others; it has 2 referred levels of, the payments are reflected in the table and 25$ by means of check are received when surpassing. It is necessary to click in the Link of the advertiser to validate the reading of the email. The volume of publicity that serves is acceptable. S.A. to go to validate a connection gives a message of which or to you the visit to this advertiser had been entered you, will be because it belongs to the same group of which or you have visited previously.

Also they have collections to visit pages, in particular 0.01$ by each.

At the moment you we cannot explain more things, only deciros that you do not let save the promotion of 10$…







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