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The best programs of promotion of pages you will find them Webs in Myrasoft


Fundamental to know the visitors of your pages. Not only that. Some accountants of visits do not limit decirte the number, but they include very recommendable statistics on the origin country, hours of visits, average time of stay in the page, accumulated statistics per days, weeks, months… Everything to be informed on the visits into your page. 

Those that you can see in this page are real examples of accountants of visits.

We have them placed by our order of preference. Some of these pages offer in addition more services to you.


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We offer the best services to you for webmasters in Spanish to prices without competition.

€ to the month and in Spanish registers your own dominion by only 1!

It secures your own dominion, 10 Cuentas MGP, limitless Alias, Ready of diffusion, Anti-virus, Filters anti-Spam… by only 3 € to the month!

It lodges your Web with limitless traffic, 100 megas, 10 accounts MGP, limitless, webmail alias, deprived access own FTP and cgi, MySQL Base, PHP 4,0, Perl 5,0, WAP Ready, average player, flash, in servants of completes generation Cobalt RAQ4, who assure an availability 99.9%. And everything by only 7.5 € to the month.  

Services offered by the Resources and, N°1 in Europe of the lodging in SUN-Cobalt servants. 

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