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That it seems to you to receive the best resources for webmasters without needing being all the day sailing?

It receives our gratuitous bulletin


Totally anonymous. 

You will monthly update your page with the best thing than we find in the network without the need that you are looking for all the day.






The best programs of promotion of pages you will find them Webs in Myrasoft


High in finders free. But of 1000 discharges in Spanish finders, between which they emphasize but the important ones, Yahoo, Google, Lycos, AltaVista, Excite… As much high automatics free in finders, like high manuals in but of 100 finders….

From these pages we will help you to darte of discharge in a great amount of finders; you will be able to do it in more than 100 manually or other Webs with the high automatics in finders. If you are decided to realize them the discharges manually, here we give recommendations you to realize the discharges in finders of a comfortable and simple form. It remembers that if you are not going to realize many high better than you realize them manually since one takes advantage plus the potential of the finder.

You do not forget to form your Put since it will be of where they will take to the information the majority of finders. If you do not have them formed, or you wish to optimize them to the maximum we recommended to you that you visit our section of configuration of Put.

As to realize discharges of a simple form manually 

Here you have advice to realize the discharges of one more a more effective and easy form:

  • If you do not have long time, realizes the discharge in the most important finders. You would have to aim in that you go realized the discharges, in case you are time another to follow with them (it adds this page to favorites), and thus knowledge where you have indexed your page. This is important, since in some finders if you realize the high one more in one go, directly they erase to you.

  • You do not abras more than four or five finders simultaneously, since in the end you embroiled (almost surely) and will not find out of where you have realized a discharge, where you have still not begun to realize it and you end up closing windows of finders where you have not realized still the discharge or indexing a page several times with the consequent danger that it is erased… I say it by own experience and of some users.

  • By all means to have well realized the META-TAG. To part of these, and as you are going to have to often write the same, the best thing is than you write in a text document direction, email, key words (five, ten, twenty, all that is happened to you, and separately), definition (125, 200, 250, everything what it is happened to us separately and) and following the data that ask to cut to us of the document (ctrl+c) and to beat in the field that corresponds (ctrl+v)

  • To inform on the incidences outside the normal thing that it happens to you (comunícanoslo), will try since it to solve, and will serve to you so that the next time that you use our service you you find it in perfect state, besides helping the rest of users that like, they would like that everything worked perfectly. If you know the direction a finder that not this here indícanoslo also. 

  • Finally Thank you very much.







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