Rules of the interchange:
  1. Webs with illegal, pornographic contents would not be accepted or that attempt against the dignity of the people.

  2. It is essential to be accepted in the interchange that you place the connection that is going to you to be facilitated to darte of discharge in the main and at sight Web. The Webs that do not have this connection will be validated reason why you would not apareceran later in the interchange.

  3. Every 15 days the interchange will be reinitiated thus to give possibilities the new ones to have better positions. When this happens, the Webs that during the 7 previous days have not sent any visit, would not be during the following 15 days.

  4. If the certainty is had that some Web this making traps (popups, frames…) and harming the rest of members of the interchange, sera immediately put in the black list, without possibility of returning to the interchange, and we will publish the name and the connection of the Web so that all the webmasters that visits to us know it.

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