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Webmaster You want to include these games in your Web.
Kitchen maid here

That it seems to you to receive the best resources for webmasters without needing being all the day sailing?

She receives our gratuitous bulletin


Totally anonymous. 

You will monthly update your page with the best thing than we find in the network without the need that you are looking for all the day.


The resources free for webmasters

resources free for webmasters and in Spanish

We have selected for you the best resources free to webmaster. 

ATTENTION WEBMASTER! You wish to know the best thing the moment for your page? Visit our recommended services of the moment of each section. The best thing to promote your Web, best publicity to easily acquire money with the sponsors, services than to offer to your visitors and the best tools to facilitate our work of webmasters - codes selected Javascript, , programs freeware, services for webmasters… -


In this section we free explained the resources to you that we considered more cash to increase to the traffic of your page Web. The majority with real examples, so that you can choose in situ as they would be in your page. With them safe visits.



We will teach the best formulas to you to secure money with your Web. We have only auspiciadotes trustworthy. If we have doubts on some we cleared its publicity. We are those that we used you can see (them in distributed by the Web) and he goes to us well with them.


You want to have the best services, to be able facilitarte the work with your page. Here we offer the best ones to you of each, already selected. The majority with real examples, so that you can choose in situ as they would be in your page.


You want to offer the best services to your visitors. Certainly you need new services that to offer to your visitors, and so these feel to taste in your page and return. Services of the news, messages to moving bodies, surveys, shipment of postal, chats, post office, forums… 


From these pages we will offer different codes to you Javascript to improve your Web, with example real of its operation. 


Descárgate the best Freeware programs for ayudarte to realize your page, to promote it, to improve your connection to Internet simply or entretenerte. 


TOP 5 Unloadings (and free complete programs)

 Kazaa AverageDesktop v2.1

KaZaA another alternative more to Napster P2P of many that are arising lately. It can free look for and unload all type of archives, or are videos of films, images, lower music, documents or even software. 


it emulates v0.27c

Programs of interchange of small files brother P2P of the edonkey; for that reason it has but and better benefits at least on the paper.


Grokster 1.6

Grokster is a program of interchange of archives (P2P) with which you will be able to unload music free mp3, films free… It includes the detection of virus not to lower archives nonwished. It has a previous view of archives built-in reason why you will be able to verify what these lowering to you.

 I see TV 3.2 I see TV is an application that puts in your monitor more than 150 TVs online worldwide, and more than 50 radio transmitters.


Program to free send messages to moving bodies (sms) of the world. Simple to use.


Visits in our Web the zone of unloadings. We have hundreds of programs free and only free for you.





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